About VCC


A generation. That’s how long VCC has flourished.

In 1987 a trio of contemporaries with shared values, integrity and attitudes towards their work created a new construction company. Over the past 25 years, those men nurtured VCC through a generation of growth, change and innovation. With a firm foundation in our Arkansas roots and the legacy of consistent leadership, VCC has earned a reputation that is second to none.

Repeatedly rated among the Top 150 contractors in the nation with eight national and international locations and over $6 billion in construction, VCC never tires in its pursuit of new methodologies to improve General Contracting and Construction Management. Whether creating and integrating new software to increase productivity or formulating processes to eliminate errors and enhance safety, VCC has been recognized as a pioneer in the industry and continues to set the trend with each project we undertake.

There’s no secret to becoming an industry leader. It takes a proven track record of long-term commitment. But at VCC that’s not simply a goal, it’s a way of life. “Excellence in Construction” is a term we live by, and it applies to every facet of every project. From pre-construction quality evaluations and attention to every detail to increased productivity through technological advances and communication, our superior teamwork is what sets us apart. Our commitment to Total Quality Management and premium customer service is what sets us above.

Our experience over the past quarter-century has brought us awards and recognition, but more importantly, it has allowed us to create long-lasting relationships with our clients. Our projects are as diversified as our portfolio, and our commitment to our communities and the environment are well established. But it’s the intrinsic value we place on each client and every project that — to us — is immeasurable.

During our first 25 years, we defined ourselves. By building a thriving organization that acknowledges our greatest assets — our employees and our quest for innovation — the VCC team has ensured our future. For the next generation VCC will continue to develop and enhance that foundation by maintaining a reputation of sterling ethics and integrity combined with the continuous search for ground-breaking technology and techniques. Our employees can offer nothing more. Our clients deserve nothing less.


At VCC, we constantly uphold our core value of Excellence in Construction by delivering projects that are backed by quality, safety, integrity and accountability. We are committed to project teamwork through communication, collaboration and the use of technology. Our people are our greatest asset, and their dedication creates an unmatched level of client service that has established our company as a leader in the industry.


VCC is an internationally known construction company licensed in all 50 states. Our expertise in construction projects range from retail work to educational projects to government developments to healthcare. Our experience in renovations and expansions has showcased our diverse ability to adapt to client specifications and project requirements.

Our vast experience gives clients with projects on the horizon a true advantage due to our dedication to completing a quality project on time and within budget.

At VCC, each team member works together to ensure excellence on each job. Commitment to the client is demonstrated in the pre-construction and pre-bid process and continues through the customer service phase of close out and warranty of each and every job. The dedication to our clients and our follow through from start to finish is one of the many reasons VCC was named one of the top one hundred construction companies in the country.