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Breaking Ground at the New IKEA in Burbank!


Nineteen buildings are being torn down to make way for a new 456,000-square-foot store, which will be the Swedish retailer’s largest in the United States when it opens in spring 2017.

IKEA3 IKEA2 ikea1


Demolition crews clear the way for new IKEA

IKEA begins demolition on the Burbank store

IKEA starts demolition at Burbank, Calif., Complex

Demolition Begins at Site of Future IKEA Burbank Store

Demolition Begins at Site of Future IKEA Burbank Store Where Relocated Presence Will Open Spring 2017

IKEA to Begin Demolition for New Burbank Store

Paradise Creek

The City of National City


2100 Hoover Avenue • National City, CA 91950


Paradise Creek Affordable Housing
& Transit Oriented Project, Phase 1

The city of National City has awarded VCC, LLC the Paradise Creek Affordable Housing & Transit Oriented Project Phase 1.

The project was developed through a collaborative process with community leaders along with neighborhood and stakeholder participation and was incorporated into the Westside Specific Plan adopted in 2010.

The project site is approximately 12.75 acres in size and located on either side of Paradise Creek and near the 24th Street Metropolitan Transit System Trolley Station, between Harding Avenue, 19th Street, Hoover Avenue and West 22nd Street.

VCC, LLC will develop and construct three (3) residential buildings containing 109 units for affordable rental housing and also, the improvement and expansion of Paradise Creek Educational Park.

Construction is scheduled to start November 21, 2014, and projected to complete in early summer 2016.

To ensure awareness of construction and work activity, the community will be notified in a reasonable and timely manner. Construction notices will be posted on   our blog and distributed to all effected residents and businesses. When available, more information will follow on the project website.

VCC, LLC is seeking qualified Section 03 & MBE subcontractors to bid all building trades.

You can access construction documents directly from our project plan room by using this link:

Bid Date: Tuesday February 17th, 2015 @ 11am PST

Address Proposals To: Ragan Giebels

Email Proposals To:

Fax Proposals To: 949-608-5510